August 28, 2013

Ohio Triple Divide Tour - Youngstown, Ohio, September 22, 2013

Ohio Triple Divide Tour.
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Triple Divide Screening @ Youngstown's B&O Brewery / Banquet Hall
530 Mahoning Ave, Youngstown, OH 44502
Sunday, September 22, 2013 

PDF link to download poster:

PDF link to download Youngstown fliers:

from the filmmakers' Flickr caption:

New Fracking Documentary Starts National Tour in Ohio

A new documentary, Triple Divide, investigates the impacts of fracking for shale gas in Pennsylvania, and is headed to the Heartland this September for the Ohio Triple Divide Tour: 10 dates in 10 locations. It’s the beginning of a national tour covering eight states in shale plays across the U.S.

Academy Award nominated actor Mark Ruffalo co-narrates the film, taking part in the project after being shown an online screener a few weeks before the final release.

Triple Divide is said to be the only documentary of its kind on the controversial subject of fracking capable of speaking to all sides, with exclusive interviews from the industry, experts, and Americans suffering in the wake of shale gas development.

“It’s hard to imagine anyone could have a fully-informed opinion about fracking without seeing Triple Divide,” said Jed Thorp of the Ohio Sierra Club.

The evidence in Triple Divide is built on cradle-to-grave investigations throughout the film’s 10 chapters, which cover waste, injection wells, drinking water contamination, split-estates, the “pre-drill test scandal”, and the “pressure bulb” to name a few. The 90-minute documentary is a project by, a nonprofit organization co-founded by journalists Joshua Pribanic & Melissa Troutman, who are also the film’s co-directors.

Pribanic is an Ohio native, who says the tour is an educational opportunity for all communities. “Audiences should expect to see things they've never witnessed or heard before,” remarked Pribanic. “We offer raw data and evidence from the field, something that's neither republican nor democrat.”

Hard-hitting, Triple Divide is also fair. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is highlighted in the film for weakly enforced regulations, but “the head of ‘Oil & Gas’ at DEP, Scott Perry, told me he's seen the film and it’s very well done,” said Troutman. “This attests to Public Herald's journalistic integrity and ability to reach both ends of the public spectrum: community members and heads of state.

“Triple Divide is a springboard for discussion about the real impacts from fracking, and it’s a forewarning for states like Ohio, New York and California.”

Troutman hails from the triple continental divide in Potter County, Pennsylvania where much of the documentary is set. It’s also where the most highly regulated classified streams are located but have been damaged by fracking — a story documented in the “Exceptional Value” chapter of the film.

The tour launches in Columbus, OH on September 10th, 7:00PM at the Gateway Film Center, hosted by the Ohio Environmental Council. On September 12, the filmmakers travel to Mansfield, OH for a free 6:00PM show at Relax It’s Just Coffee, with eight additional screenings before the month’s end, closing out the tour in Sandusky, OH at Harlequins Community Theatre — the oldest running community theatre in the state.

For a detailed list of screening times and locations for the Ohio Triple Divide Tour, see Email and, or call (419) 202-8503 for more information and to schedule interviews with the filmmakers.

For photographs and stills from the film:



The filmmakers have made one chapter “Good Neighbor” available for online preview:

*Based on our experiences as journalists in the shale fields, the term ‘fracking’ has transformed from a nickname for the process of hydraulic fracturing to meaning the complete picture of shale gas extraction. See Public Herald’s “What is Fracking?” video for a simplified explanation of the concept behind the practice.

t r u t h + c r e a t i v i t y

Joshua B. Pribanic, Editor-in-Chief
p: 419.202.8503
t: @jbpribanic

Melissa Troutman, Managing Editor
p: 724.388.0464
t: @melissat22

Youngstown, Ohio, new fracking film screened at Banquet Hall Sept 22, 6pm

August 12, 2013

Help with Civil Disobedience Fines and Court Costs for Drinking Water Protection action

Maria laid down in front of a convoy of fracking pump trucks that invaded Drinking Water Source Protection Area of the Meander Reservoir - water for 220,000 Mahoning Valley (Ohio) residents.
Here is her story: Not My Water: Youngstown Woman Sits Down to Fracking Drinking Water, March 9th, 2013. JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio- "Youngstown resident Maria Montanez was worried about her water. She was so worried about protecting the water for 220,000 Mahoning Valley residents that she felt compelled to halt the operations by preventing trucks carrying fracking equipment from entering the Cadle Drill site, located in the Drinking Water Source Protection Area of the Meander Reservoir. Her concerns are well founded, ODNR reports reveal a four foot split in the casing and lack of clarity about the integrity of the well."

Cadle - MAHN7AHSU well # API Well Number 34099231840000

August 13, 2012

Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste: National Rally Day

Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste: National Rally Day

Frackfree America National Coalition News Release:

For Immediate Release:  August 9, 2012
Contact: Vanessa Pesec:  Phone:  440-781-6440 or E-mail:
Contact: Susie Beiersdorfer:  Phone: 234- 201-8007  or E-mail: ______________________________________________________
Youngstown,  Ohio, August 9, 2012 – NEOGAP (Network for Oil & Gas Accountability & Protection, )  and Frackfree America National Coalition ( ) are coordinating a national grassroots rally day on September 12, 2012 to help raise  public awareness of what the groups believe are serious risks to public health, safety, and well-being posed by the millions of gallons of toxic fracking waste continually produced by the shale gas and oil drilling industry.
The title of the September 12th nationwide event is: “Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste: National Rally Day.”
On September 12, 2012 a national coalition of local coordinators and groups in communities across America will hold simultaneous rallies throughout the day to shine light on the numerous problems associated with toxic fracking waste and its disposal, including its links to earthquakes, spills, and leaks.
According to geologist Susie Beiersdorfer of Frackfree America National Coalition and Frackfree Mahoning Valley, “The public is not being fully or adequately informed of the risks of fracking and related processes to public health and safety and well-being. We are calling for increased transparency and public awareness about the truth of toxic fracking waste, which can contain naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) and numerous toxic chemicals or known carcinogens, like benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX), that could find their way into drinking water sources or into soil and air via leaks, surface spills near waterways, or well casing failures.”
The groups believe that the rosy picture of drilling for oil and gas painted by slick, expensive radio and television advertisements by the gas and oil industry does not represent the real experiences of many everyday concerned citizens who live near injection wells or along the routes where fracking waste is, or will be, transported and possibly spilled. The groups say that there are too many unanswered questions about fracking waste, partially because gas and oil companies are exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act.
According to the coalition, every newly permitted fracking well will result in millions of gallons of toxic fracking wastewater being created, transported, and disposed of somewhere.  Although the fracking waste is frequently referred to by the industry or others as “brine,” “saltwater,” or “produced water,” the groups believe that these euphemistic terms are highly misleading and give the public a false sense of reassurance about the alleged safety of the fracking waste.
“The truth is that the risks imposed by the production, transport, and disposal of toxic fracking waste are creating a serious public health problem. Toxic fracking waste can expose the public to a number of chemical and radioactive carcinogens, neurotoxins, and pulmonary and cardiovascular toxins.  Children, whose immune systems are still developing, workers on drill sites, and those handling toxic fracking wastes are especially vulnerable to risks as are persons living or working near drilling sites, along toxic fracking disposal routes or at or near toxic fracking waste injection wells, ” said Vanessa Pesec of NEOGAP.
FANC and NEOGAP cite a Columbus, Ohio news story that illustrates how not knowing the components of fracking waste can put communities and first responders at unnecessary risk. They ask:  How can cities and townships effectively prepare for an emergency when they don’t know what the substance is that they are dealing with?
The groups say that even though the following news story is from Columbus, Ohio, the news report is relevant for all of the many states who face the possibility or present reality of fracking, which will result in the need to transport and dispose of waste, thereby increasing the chance for spills and leaks.
See the following highly informative NBC 4 news video and report titled “NBC4 Investigates: What’s In The Drilling Waste Water Traveling Into Ohio?” (5/23/2012).
For media inquiries or for more information on fracking and related processes, toxic fracking waste, or how to coordinate or participate in a local rally, please sign up for free e-mail updates on the NEOGAP and Frackfree America National Coalition websites and/ or contact us by phone, website, Facebook, twitter, or e-mail:
On Facebook:   and
e-mail:  or call:  440-940-OGAP (6427)
For Frackfree America National Coalition
e-mail: or call:
                                                  # # #

Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste: National Rally Day

July 29, 2012

Summer of Solidarity

collage via RAMPSWV, photographers unknown, "All of this happened today. Beginning of a unprecedented summer of action against extraction--from WV to TX to DC."  collage here:

January 30, 2012

Youngstown Town Hall Informational Meeting on Fracking and Injection Wells

Frackfree Mahoning Valley                                        News Release
For Immediate Release: January 30, 2012
Contact: Susie Beiersdorfer: Phone: 234-201-0402 or E-mail: frackfreemahoning [at ]
Youngstown, Ohio - On Thursday, February 2, 2012, a group of concerned Youngstown citizens and panelists will hold an open public town hall style informational meeting to discuss and answer audience questions about the recent 4.0 magnitude Youngstown area earthquake, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) associated with shale gas drilling, and brine toxic waste injection wells. The meeting will take place at The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown, Channing Hall, at 6-8 pm at 1105 Elm St. (Elm & Illinois), Youngstown, Ohio.  Media and the general public are invited to attend.
Geology Professor Ray Beiersdorfer, Ph.D., spoke to WYTV news (1/1/12) regarding the Youngstown earthquakes and the nearby injection well’s effect of reactivating an ancient fault: “What happens is the water acts as a lubricant so they were pumping water down at about 9,000 feet, and it was working its way down in and it wound up serving as a lubricant, which then reduced the friction and we had the earthquakes.“
Dr. Beiersdorfer will be a panelist at the February 2nd town hall as will Ohio State Representative Robert Hagan, Liberty Township Trustee Jodi Stoyak, and a citizen affected by water contamination.  Geologist Susie Beiersdorfer will moderate the meeting.
The situation in the Youngstown area has attracted extensive national and local media attention and with good reason. The December 31, 2011 earthquake shook Youngstown and was reportedly felt in several states and as far away as Ontario, Canada. The earthquake may have awakened many more citizens to the serious health and safety issues reported by those living near fracking and injection wells and reports of drinking water source contamination.  Youngstown had no recorded earthquakes before the injection well drilling. There have been twelve earthquakes since drilling began. What the Youngstown area decides to do regarding a moratorium on injection wells or fracking has far reaching implications for the entire region and the nation.
Questions to be addressed at the town hall meeting include:
What is the scientific information linking the Youngstown earthquakes and the toxic brine injection well? What is the evidence showing that the Youngstown earthquake was man-made? Will there be more earthquakes?
How does lack of local control affect infrastructure, property values, and emergency safeguards?
To date, public meetings in Youngstown regarding natural gas drilling and fracking, wastewater injection wells and the earthquakes have generally not allowed the audience and concerned citizens to freely voice their health and safety concerns and engage in dialogue about their issues. This town hall is designed to let the people speak and get some answers to their questions.
Residents from all regions are encouraged to attend.
For town hall meeting details or updates, see the Facebook event page at:
See the Frackfree Mahoning Valley website at:
For media inquiries or more information, e-mail:

December 18, 2011

Jeffrey Dick: We don't want a quake that knocks down a couple buildings

Dec. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Jeffrey Dick, chairman of Youngstown State University's geology department, talks with Bloomberg's Mark Niquette about the possibility that hydraulic fracturing may be causing earthquakes around Youngstown, Ohio. Fracking is a process of blasting sand, water and chemicals into shale to extract natural gas. Earthquakes didn't happen around the city until D&L Energy Corp. began injecting wastewater from drilling into a 9,300-foot disposal well in December 2010. (Source: Bloomberg at )

Article here:

September 04, 2011

Youngstown's Turning Grey To Green at Festival

Here's the blurb from the 4th Annual Grey to Green Festival that will be held on
Saturday September 10, 2011, 10 am to 5 pm, Wick Park, Youngstown, Ohio 44505
Grey To Green now has nearly 70 vendors/exhibitors!  Today’s Farmer’s Market was booming with Grey to Green conversation – all with a great backdrop of labor and justice songs by the “Grievance Man for the World,” Mike Stout.
This afternoon organizers sketched a layout for the festival in Wick Park, with spaces laid out for the Green Mother’s tent, Kids’ activities tent, Nature Tent, Neighbors tent, Vendor tents, Alpacas area (still have that possibility of the baby alpaca!), Drop and Shop/ GreenTeam/Yo Litter tent, Youngstown Facebook Garage Sale tent, etc., etc. and buskers and entertainment and education and, and, whew…

And that doesn’t even count all the GREAT farmers, bakers, cooks, herbalists and canners and sale items and etc. etc. who will be over at the Farmer’s Market section of the Festival – remember, that’s where ALL THE FOOD will be!

Join us next Saturday in Solidarity to learn, to experience, to eat and drink, to appreciate art and crafts and enjoy our COMMUNITY!
G2G website/blog: 4th Annual Grey to Green Festival on Saturday September 10, 2011, 10 am - 5 pm, Wick Park, 1221 Elm Street, Youngstown, Ohio 44505
LIKE them on facebook GreyToGreenFestival
Grey To Green Festival EVENT page

Sponsorship opportunities
Volunteer opportunities
festival poster to print

April 30, 2011

A spammer phishing for some kind of info from this Brazilian who translates anime never realized his made-up address was a real address so now we are getting tons of visitors expecting Brazilian anime on this blog - yah well ~ (( CLICK TO ENLARGE))
Then there's the part about all the little anime addicts - none of which seem over 15 - mistaking each spam comment as a real remark... hmmm... a little trouble negotiating real vs.virtual?

Dimichan and Dimitria are the same person, one is her LiveJournal ID and the other is her blogger ID, and this is all they could say:
Anonymous Dimichan said...
you're going to stay in my Livejournal talking some stuff ... will seek to do
April 27, 2011 7:03 PM
Blogger ~Dimitria said...
Hi. This coment above is not from me, I swear! I don't know who did this. Probably just a brat. So sorry for the bother =/
April 28, 2011 4:49 AM

Read more books about anime

March 30, 2011

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

IMG_0169 a video by nysut on Flickr.   New York  State Capitol, Albany
The Houses of The People across the Land fill with the measured voices of said People. Are they scarey enough? Will the sound rise high enough? Will there ever be a higher than 20% turn out?

Creative Physics

Fun time seeing the creative variety of the annual Physics Hang Ups, 2011 theme was Physics of the Atom, only 22 entries, YSU Physics Olympics. See them all at album here

February 08, 2011

Lion Princess up on Kickstarter

-----  Check out the 3 minute video and pass it on. One can help out with as little as a dollar -- woo -oo for crowd-sourcing and micropayments!  Also it's inspiring to look around other projects on KickStarter - there's everyones' dream from the divine and  mundane to the bewildering and brash.

The last one above is mock-up and image sampler for js while composing the kickstarter project, all the photos are by me except the 2 labeled JS, and the little girl photo labeled Melanie DeFazio is by Melanie DeFazio  PHOTOGRAPHY  For the impatient, please find out more about the book and the project at  The Lion Princess: Journey to an Awakening can currently be obtained at Amazon via this link.

January 31, 2011


THE FABULOUS ANIMAL RESCUE PROJECT: INTERVIEW WITH A RESCUER: "1. Introduce yourself and where do you hail from? Kimm Koocher from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2. What is your favorite animal? Cats. And ..."

Using this search engine earns a penny for CLS for each search you do (it runs on Bing, not Google!):


You can find the Cat Ladies Society on facebook:

# 3 the Cat Ladies Society code is embedded in this -- use this banner to go here to search and shop:
The Cat Ladies Society

Promote Your Page Too

The carpenters are coming to Cat Ladies Society!

UPDATE ON Cat Ladies Society, Youngstown Ohio:         CAT LADIES UPDATE                         

∞ The clinic is coming, the clinic is coming… ∞

This is from their website/blog: please visit the blog to read more:
"We’re starting to build our clinic!  Randy, our carpenter extraordinaire, has once again volunteered his time and hard work.  This time he is donating his talented hands to convert an old garage into a beautiful clinic space for our rescued cats.  Naturally, the timing couldn’t be worse, we haven’t even begun to recover from the financial devastation left behind by Animal Charity and their big, bad and highly illegal raid of our shelter in September.  We had  been – for once – in reasonable shape prior to the raid and in a position to make this dreamed-of clinic a rocking reality.

"Then came the raid, like a tornado out of a clear blue sky.  Stealing our cats, our records, and pretty much anything that wasn’t nailed down in one fell swoop.  We tried very hard to take the high road here, which isn’t easy while listening to yourself being described as everything from a crazy cat hoarder who meant well but got overwhelmed to an actively evil human being who pocketed money meant for food and medicine while watching cats suffer and die.  I’ve heard that I’m an incoherent drug addict, an escaped mental patient, a brooding sociopath, a woman on the edge… of what, God alone knows.

"Anyhoo, here we be.  The carpenters are available for a few precious weeks between  jobs and we have to build now, before they have to leave us to earn an actual living.  And the fact that the raid left us financially devastated can’t be allowed to stop this from happening.
And this is where you, our friends and adopters and even those of you who aren’t cat nuts like the rest of us, can help us.  We’re begging you to please help us.  We’ve been able to scrounge enough 2 x 4′s to frame the room out.  We received 2 small grants that paid for spray insulation on the ceiling and the walls.  Randy and our wonderful landlord Gary have found enough pipe and parts to make the sinks a reality.  But, even insulated, it is cold in there.  And by summer, it will be hot in there.

"So here we are, once again begging you, our friends, for your help.  We need to raise $6500.00 to finish this project and we have to do it while we still have carpenters here to finish it up.  Please, please consider making a donation to our clinic fund.  You can send a check directly to the shelter or use the button on our CLS website to donate online.  Or, even better, drop by the shelter with your donation and see for yourself what we’re doing with it.  Who knows, you might walk into one of our cat rooms and emerge with a new best friend!

It’s happening, but we need your help!

 "And we need YOUR help to do it right.  Thanks to our local “humane society” the funds that we were going to use to build our clinic went instead towards keeping our shelter alive during the six weeks that we voluntarily closed to allow their investigation to proceed.  Six weeks of paying rent and utilities for our building and retail vet care prices for the lucky cats in foster care who escaped the raid were enough to seriously deplete our finances.  Add to that replacing the things that mysteriously vanished while the building was out of our hands and me having to pay a substantial legal bill with money that I wanted to donate to the shelter and you can understand why money is tight, tight, tight around here. So, you may ask, why start on the clinic project when finances are not exactly optimum?  The answer is twofold.  The first part is good news – our wonderful carpenter Randy had some time between jobs and offered to come up and do the building.  The second part is even better news, we received a $1200.00 grant that was earmarked for our veterinary clinic.  So, the timing stinks, but the time is now.

"If you’ve ever done a project like this, you know that even with volunteers doing the building materials add up to a lot more than $1200.00.  The studs and insulation alone cost over $1500.00.  Then there is drywall, wiring, windows, doors, primer, paint, counter-top and faucets.  We have scavenged a lot of the materials we need, but we still have to purchase a lot of building materials.  The most important – and expensive – part of this project is the climate control unit.  The new clinic is very well insulated, but it did start life as a garage, hot in summer and cold in winter.  We have been taking bids for furnaces, and the lowest bid so far comes to $5300.00. This clinic means a lot to The Cat Ladies Society.  With it, we can continue with our primary mission of helping the cats and kittens that need us most, those who come through our doors battered and bruised and sometimes ill.  This will insure adequate facilities for our vet tech, vet assistant and visiting veterinarian volunteers to isolate and properly care for cats who just need a little extra help before they are ready to become peoples’ beloved pets.
Please, please help us by donating to this project.
Checks can be mailed to:  The Cat Ladies Society
                                 2217 Mahoning Ave.
                                 Youngstown, Ohio   44509
"Or just click on the Donate button on the CLS blog.  Or, better yet, stop by and donate in person.  You can tour the shelter, visit (and maybe even adopt!) our wonderful cats and check out the progress of the construction for yourself.
Please help us to keep helping them, and keep improving the ways in which we can help!"

Read the entry on their blog
 UPDATE to the Update!!:                  UPDATE      UPDATE                                  
From Cat Ladies Society, Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 11:28pm:

"Last night the most amazing thing happened! A donor (who wants to remain anonymous) has offered to match all donations made for our clinic fund. This means that for every cent donated we will get two cents, one from the original donor and one from our wonderful benefactor. Please, make your donations count! You can go on our website and click the Paypal button to donate online. If you prefer snail mail, that is fine, too! Better yet, you can stop by the shelter, meet the Cat Ladies and the carpenters who are donating their time and labor, and meet the wonderful feline shelter residents!
"Our address is 2217 Mahoning Ave. on Youngstown's very happening West Side. Stop by, donate, volunteer, adopt or just schmooze! We'd love to see you".

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 11:28pm
By the way Kimm was interviewed by The Fabulous Animal Rescue Project --- it can be read here.

September 23, 2010

Cat heaven

After attending the candlelight vigil for the departed and missing felines that were lovingly cared for at the Cat Ladies' Society we walked around the two floors and many rooms - never such a wrong and grievous thing to see as all those empty beds.
714 CLS cats found forever homes last year alone

note the clever means of egress from room to room from above

upstairs in one of the Eat Play Sleep rooms
 The many ingenuous constructions looked as close to cat heaven as I've seen, and all was clean, shiny, spotless and/or freshly painted. 
The Cat Ladies Society blog can be read here.
Listed are many photographs and stories of The Disappeared cats.
Some news coverage here.     And here WKBN news article Sept. 22, 11 pm
Vindy newspaper article here

the cat tunnel doors from the other side
so many nifty shelves for prowling

more modular shelves and ramps

the only cat about was this stone guardian over the stairway
From PETA's own webpage ( )   "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." They and most others wholey attribute this to Mahatma Gandhi.

But from someone who did the research at :: :
"However.... way back in 1883 Howard Williams published 'The Ethics of Diet - a Catena' a collection of articles by ethical writers. Williams was a friend of Gandhi at the London Vegetarian Society, and Gandhi clearly states in his autobiography that he read the book in the early 1890s. In the section on Schopenhauer, p.287, Williams quotes Dr. David Strauss (Die Alte und die Neue Glaube) "The manner in which a nation, in the aggregate, treats the other species, is one chief measure of its real civilisation." - so wherever Gandhi might have used his variation of the quote, he did not entirely originate it."

Very good video from WFMJ showing the bright-eyed bushy-tailed perky kitties and interview with the veterinarian tech: (okay, sorry folks, correction, blogger doesn't even seem to be allowing a video embedded right now with the other photos...? dunnno, whatever, check Post Below:  )

Contrast this with recent Colorado rescue scene on Sep 21, 2010 - AND
I was struck with how different that situation was handled compared to our gritty Valley here -- number 1 was that many of the kitties they took from the old guy's home had "upper respiratory" ailments which is the "kitty cold" !! AND there is no mention of having to put them down for their mere colds! in fact many of the cats would be up for adoption in a few days -- faster than all the time it took Charities to execute their despicable deed. Different area [income, class?] of the country, different attitude.

Second earlier WFMJ video of what it looked like with statement from Borosky: ((blogger seems to be not letting 2 videos be posted in one Post, so please see POST below (or at the link)))

September 22, 2010

Cat heaven part two:

Very good video from WFMJ showing the bright-eyed bushy-tailed perky kitties and interview with the veterinarian tech: ((blank space if it's not playing here)))
(((blank space))
There is also this video from the older shelter:
3 Legged Cat Goes Fishing, or, "Three legs? - no problem!"
About the 3-Legged Abner video:
"Abner was rescued from Akron Humane Society after losing his leg to an animal attack. Cat Ladies Society is a no-kill shelter on the westside of Youngstown, Ohio at"

It can also be seen on Viddler at  where they have 3 other videos of the older shelter and its cats, including the One-Eyed Pumpkin Pie Looking for A Home
 and this  infectiously happy one: Kitten Jump Fever

See next post here on this blog for more on the incredibly unjust incident at the Cat Ladies Society

Cat heaven info part one

Second earlier WFMJ video of what it looked like with statement from Borosky:

Also if you logged into facebook, there is a NOTE listing all the related articles at:
coincidence maybe, for PETA-backed raid in Youngstown, Ohio
Part 2: coincidence maybe, for PETA-backed raid in Youngstown, Ohio
Cat Ladies Society news conference today canceled
To bad it was canceled. Lots of questions could have been asked of Kim Koocher:1. Do you think an RVT, which you are, should be handled to a hi...

See next post here on this blog about the incredibly unjust action taken against the Cat Ladies Society

August 17, 2010

Pirko Sundial to be Unveiled at Youngstown State

The unveiling and dedication of the Richard Pirko memorial sundial will be Thursday August 26, at 1:30pm, outside the Ward-Beecher Planetarium, Youngstown University, Youngstown Ohio 44555 (weather permitting -- in case of bad weather we will hold it indoors in the Planetarium).

It should be a short ceremony.  Tony Armeni (the sculptor) will be there.  The Dean is invited, but his schedule is in flux, and may not be able to make it. The President and the Provost are also invited. Those saying a few words will include Victoria (Rick's wife), Angela Pupino, Pat Durrell and Warren Young at this point. Ron Cole (YSU media person) will be there, and with Warren's help will be writing up a press release for the event.

Planetarium is in Ward Beecher Science Hall - Building #14, Lincoln Avenue, Youngstown OH 44555
street map for planetarium

and there is a Facebook Public Event Page for the 26th where one may comment or RSVP at:

Richard Pirko Memorial Sundial Dedication

Rick's Great Big Space sharing space blog:
with photos of sundial and anything Rick

July 09, 2010

Fetterman and being helpful in the rustbelt

Does no community deserve to end?
Paving the Way: CBS story by Jeff Glor profiles the decaying Rust Belt steel town of Braddock, Pennsylvania and Mayor John Fetterman; a man trying to bring it back from the rubble - it's not clear cut.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

also see the Levi's commercial here
"Frontiers are all around us...Maybe the world breaks on purpose so we can have work to do."  ??
Levi invested in Braddock's community center, public library and urban farm.
We are All Workers film trailer in association witth Independent Film & Sundance Channels

It's sad commentary that the end of the world scenes on Cormac McCarthy's The Road film were filmed here but at least it brought income!
Here's Youngstown: John Slanina's blog full of still secret dining and entertainment treasures

BBC story: "Did somebody draw a 'Stupid Circle' around Youngstown? Slum-tech in India has nothing on us!"

Rust Belt reading such as Why The Garden Club Couldn't Save Youngstown

June 22, 2010

Beloved guerrila gardner..

The Richard Pirko Memorial sundial progresses under dancing garlic blooms planted by Richard years ago.    See more pictures HERE of it in progress

Some info here

June 18, 2010

Alternatives to Ninging

farewell my little ning:

Here's the best 3 webpages of lists of the best alternatives to NING, there's some overlap:

9 Free alternatives with Welcoming messages from each. The seems to be a good choice - I've had a for several years and it's the most friendly thing I've used in a long time - also can access and view anywhere, including public/library computers that block "social networking sites."
Their Welcome message here: but as they say "Unfortunately ... you will need to rebuild the basic features of your site. However the benefit of going with Webs is that once you export your network members to a CSV file you can easily send them an automated invitation to the new Webs site using our Email Blast tool."

And does have a NING Migration tool, it sez, and does have high ratings. Second Welcome for ex-Ningers

OK - I just looked and here's a nice example of an artists group using Videos aren't allowed in the free version.

16 alternatives with pros and cons

Discussion of Alternative Solutions to Ning with pro and con Comments on them

read more social theories about social networking

April 16, 2010

Arts belt alive and breathing

The Calvin Center Idea Incubator Grand Opening Festival
Time: May 1, 2010 at 12pm to May 2 at 5pm
Location: The Calvin Center - Idea Incubator
Street: 755 Mahoning Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio 44502
Organized By: Mary K. Farragher
as described below by Mary Farrager on her Ning Network Board for Karma Labs :
"The recent purchase of The Calvin Center at 755 Mahoning Avenue by Sean Timms has drawn enormous excitement from Youngstown's art community. Timms and his team of renovators have brought this historical building back to life in order for it to serve as Youngstown's newest venue for theater, art, and music! To celebrate The Calvin Center Idea Incubator will be hosting a Grand Opening Festival on Saturday May 1st from Noon to Midnight and Sunday May 2nd from Noon to 5 pm. This event is being held in conjunction with the Artists of the Mahoning Commons biannual open studio sale that is housed in the old Ward Bakery building just blocks away from The Calvin Center. Because of this collaboration other businesses and organizations were enticed to ban together to form a district wide celebration! So, on May 1st and 2nd from noon to 5 pm a FREE shuttle will be provided by Purple Cat to all the events happening from the B&O Station to Fellows Riverside Gardens in the first annual Mahoning Commons Fest!

"Please be sure to get off the shuttle when it stops at The Calvin Center Idea Incubator to check our contribution to the festivities! On Saturday Mat 1st Food will be available for purchase from noon to 7 pm. Arts Youngstown will be on the taps serving cold beer to raise monies for the organization on Saturday from noon to Midnight and Sunday noon to 5 pm. Arts Youngstown will also have prepared the arts exhibition that will be on display throughout the building. Artists of the Rust Belt will set up an artist market on Saturday from noon to 7pm and Sunday from noon to 5pm. Artists of the Rust Belt will also be conducting a Chance Auction that will consist of items from the artists participating in the event. Three FREE tickets for the Chance Auction will be given to any one who rode his or her bicycle to the event! A FREE Bicycle Valet will be provided! The Rust Belt Theater Company (which is housed in The Calvin Center) will be providing atmospheric performances that will pop-up in the most unusual of places throughout Saturday and Sunday.

"Indie Wax Records and “Viking” Jim Allgren (The Home Grown Show on 93.3 The Wolf) will be providing the musical entertainment for the weekend's event. During the daylight hours on Saturday and Sunday, Viking Jim will act as DJ - providing the sounds of great local musicians as he does every Sunday on his radio show. The main event will take place on Saturday night starting at 8 pm and ending at Midnight, the line up includes; Sam Goodwill, Braille, Fillmore Jive, and Tigerstyle. On Saturday, starting at 8 pm a $3 cover charge will be added – 18 years old and over may attend providing a photo I.D. before entry.

"Come on down! Enjoy this exciting time in Downtown Youngstown! We hope that this is just the beginning of a wonderful new tradition for the city. The staff of The Calvin Center Idea Incubator looks forward to the future we will have in the Youngstown area. We would like to extend the invitation to the public to contact Mary Farragher ( with any interests in renting the auditorium/gymnasium for special events. A Special Events Planning Committee is available for consultation to make your event even more exciting!"

Read books about mixed media art making

April 15, 2010

Voice in the wilderness of facebook

The man who made a film about Ed Abbey in the 1990's and was fortunate enough to meet and interview him several times in the early 1980's is constantly refreshing an awesome Facebook page as a way to keep his memory alive through images, video and words. The videos are inspiring... a bit amazing in how much they move even a casual viewer just stumbling into Abbey. There's one separate video and a few pages of videos that play right in situ.
See here: Edward Abbey: A Voice in The Wilderness on facebook  (sigh, as I type,.,, yes, there's another dichotomy.)

The video is being re-released in DVD at Canyon Productions, Maryland

Abbey on Amazon if you would like to see Ed Abbey books

April 12, 2010

See it in jazz

We are looking for writers (and readers) of jazz material - stories, profiles, reviews, poetry, photography, art and more - this is a call for creatives below, we welcome any kind of input, even about jazz publishing:           Make sure you click the "SUBMIT" button to send us your opinion!           
If you can't see the choices above, or the SUBMIT button, we're sorry, please go to the survey HERE instead.

Interactive participation happening here on the Google Wave I made for this - Wavers can just comment or hobnob (or even chit chat) instead of submitting to the survey!w%252BHmJL6Cq_A
If you aren't WAVING yet - since Google Wave is currently in a limited preview -   request an invitation from me, I have a dozen Google Wave Invites to give away yet just for the asking!

See list of jazz books here (no magazines, hey!)

April 08, 2010

Rust and Moth on Issuu with Schubert and Attardo

A friend has a poem in this journal; the online viewing of periodicals and journals has come a long way - I wonder if everyone has the scripts and software and operating system speed to view them though? We have no problem but perhaps not everyone else has the resources to update... ? ? Feedback anyone - that is, any of my 2 viewers-? Check out Salvatore Attardo's Bibliography, The Witch of Agnesi: A Feminist Reappropriation, & Starbucks Invented Nothing; and Karen Schubert's Letter

March 31, 2010

Art Belt update

sharing UPDATE from continuing workshops to establish the Art Belt of NE Ohio & NW PA:

To All Power of the Arts Participants and Friends,

As a reminder, our next work meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 9 at Bliss Hall at YSU from 5 PM - 7 PM. We are very excited to continue to move forward with the progress we've made thus far.

For those who were unable to make it to our last meeting and as a reminder to those that were, we broke into two work groups to raise some questions and have an open dialogue about public policy/public support and about advocacy/arts council. From these discussions nine topics/questions surfaced that we are now going to delve further into. Please see below for what each work group will be addressing:

Public Policy/Public Support (facilitated by Paul Hagman):
·         Is there anything "on the books" in Youngstown, Warren, Mahoning County and/or Trumbull County relating to public policy and/or public support for arts and culture?
·         Research selected cities that have been successful in securing public support for the arts.
·         Explore tax levy and other potential funding sources for public support.

Advocacy/Arts Council (facilitated by Bryan DePoy):
·         Research what previous groups that have tried to set up arts councils in the Mahoning Valley have done, and understand their lessons learned.
·         Why an arts council? - Define, explore, and prioritize: What are the needs of artists? What are the needs of arts and cultural organizations? What are the needs of the community at large? Where are the gaps between what is needed and what is currently available?
·         What might an advocacy group that promotes alliances look like?
·         Develop "one-stop-shopping" website.
·         Inventory assets of artists and organizations and make that available to share.

Ad hoc Committee of the Lead Team (facilitated by Janus Small prior to next meeting):
·         Develop mission, vision, and guiding principles for the Power of the Arts initiative - Progress to date will be reported at the April 9th meeting.

If you have not done so, please register here for the April 9th Meeting!


If you have any questions , please do not hesitate to contact the coordinators of this meeting, Janus Small Associates (contact information provided below). Hope to see you there and don't forget to spread the word!

Becky Keck & Bill Mullane
Power of the Arts Co-Chairs

Janus Small Associates
.....building strong organizations for strong communities
3220 Green Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44122

Janus Small, President

Adam C. Schultz, Associate

March 29, 2010

Shenago Valley artists gather together

29 Logan Avenue Gallery of Sharon, Pennsylvania,  featured in a story:

"Sixty artists from the Shenango Valley; Greenville; Grove City; Edinboro; Youngstown; Warren, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; and other areas now are displaying paintings, photographs, jewelry, stained and blown glass, metal work, wood pieces, fabric and knit items, pottery, gourd masks and dolls."  gourd art ideas & books

photography by David E. Dale/ Sharon Herald